May 2021, Paris

Room Culture

Artist ☞ Irene Montero

Bedroom culture is all about exploring the typical teenager room, full of the innocence and beauty of the young years. we wanted to offer a vision of something so common, yet so private. of letting one of our younger version of ourselves, being shown through the lens of the camera.

The concept summarizes the importance behind closing doors, what happens between four walls and the burning flame that grows inside all of us at such a young age. We wanted to represent the intimacy within young girls, it’s all about capturing the place where they spent most of their time, their private and sacred place.


Photography & Art Direction・Irene Montero・@ireenemonteero
Model・Paula Vila・@polkramig
Model・Irene Montero・@ireenemonteero
Stylist & Photo Assistant・Natalia Ruano・@nataliafiles

2020 — 75010, Paris