March 2021, Madrid

"A jungle out there"

Photography・・・María Balboa
Art Direction ・・・Aida Salan

The concept of our editorial goes through the idea of the sphere articulated around the virtuality and the language of the urban. We intend to appeal to the connections that are established and the bonds that are forged in the city, which is challenged as a living organism: we build the city, but it deforms us, shapes us and also (re)directs us to new goals and new ways of expression. We are talking about a kind of symbiosis in which, almost unintentionally, we are involved.

We try to compare the Internet and the city as spaces of definition outside the tangible limits of material reality, as places that can be occupied and (re)appropriated. We want to give life to a dead, opaque world, from which to draw new lines of meaning. It’s all about the idea of reflection, self-representation, identity autonomy. "Write in its infinite margins.” We are talking about a virtual jungle, a city that crystallizes in the suburban reality and the spaces of refuge in otherness.


Photography・María Balboa・@mariamevoy____
Photo Assistant・Sara Azaña・@sara.azaana
Art Direction & Set Design・Aida Salan・@aida_salan
Styling・Sonia Peral・@soniastonemm
Makeup & Hair・Enrico di Amore・@enricodimakeup
Nails・Mario Pereira・
Editing・Juan Ledesma・@johnled_
Model・Andrea Ariza・@kamala_sutra
Model・Nacho Feito・@nachofeito
Model・Perla Zuñiga・@jovendelaperla
2020 — 75010, Paris